My Honey Ultimate Collection
My Honey Ultimate Collection
My Honey Ultimate Collection

My Honey Ultimate Collection

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The My Honey Ultimate Collection is perfect to spoil your lover this Valentine's Day. Gifting on Valentine's Day isn't just for females, there is every reason to spoil your lover.  This honey collection is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth, we have curated some of the best honey products on the market.


Leatherwood Honeycomb Milk 100g by Koko Black - Sweet crunchy honeycomb enrobed in the finest Belgian milk chocolate.

Honey Macadamias, Milk Chocolate by Koko Black - Milk Chocolate Caramelised Honey Roasted Macadamias

Honey Flight by South West Honey - 100% natural, cold extracted honey straight from hive to jar. A taste of nature at its most pure. Anyone with an adventuresome palate will love tasting and comparing raw honey varietals from the pristine forests of the South West of Western Australia.


  • 1 x 65g Coastal
  • 1 x 65g Jarrah
  • 1 x 65g Redgum TA10+
  • 1 x 65g Creamed TA10+
  • 1 x Honey dipper

Premium Honeycomb by South West Honey - 100% natural honeycomb, untouched by human hands straight from the hive. 

Located in the pristine South West corner of Western Australia, between the natural forest and the coast. We use cassettes whereby the bees work within the packaging to make the honeycomb. This product is 100% natural as nature intended and completely untouched by human hands.