Easter Egg & Cocoon Luxury Collection
Easter Egg & Cocoon Luxury Collection

Easter Egg & Cocoon Luxury Collection

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The Easter egg and Cocoon Luxury Collection is a perfect gift to surprise someone special this Easter. Perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife or parents. 

Chocolate Eggs by Koko Black - Every chocolate crafted by Koko Black has its own unique personality and story. With over 100 chocolates and counting - the Koko Black range is complex, indulgent and always adventurous. Originating from the finest Belgian couverture chocolate, each individual chocolate is meticulously handcrafted in Melbourne, using premium natural ingredients. 

  • White Chocolate Small Egg 
  • Dark Chocolate Small Egg 
  • Milk Chocolate Medium Egg 

Cocoon Luxury Candle and Diffuser - A new West Australian, independently owned, luxury body care brand that focuses on premium anti-aging, vitamin rich formulations and luxury skin preserving products. Natural, Organic, Pure Beauty is always best. 

Available in four different scents:

Essence of the Woods - Let yourself astray. Become lost in the thick dense forest and embrace the essence of Sandalwood. This earthy, milky, sweet wood aroma will help you to relax and unwind. This is the Essence of the Woods.

Sage and Sea Salt - Take a quiet scroll down by the waters edge and listen to the waves lapping the river banks. Inhale the crisp sea air and be soothed by the herbaceous notes of the parklands that surround you. This is the aroma of Sage and Sea Salt.

Orange Flower - Let your spirit be uplifted and rise to the occasion. Its time to celebrate and enjoy all of life's luxuries and creature comforts. Embrace the here and now. Live in the moment! This is the aroma of Orange Flower.

Coconut Dream - Escape the everyday and find yourself sailing far away to a tropical paradise. Feel the sun rays kiss your cold wintered skin and warm you as you bathe and relax in its bliss. The dreamy sweet scent of coconut gently diffusing the air. This is the aroma of Coconut Dream.

Box Size: 240mm wide x 210mm long x 60mm deep