The Classic Collection
The Classic Collection
The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection

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The Classic Collection is a collection of Australian gourmet traditional products. We would like to say old time favourites with a twist. Products such as Honeycomb and Fruit and Nut Bars in the Chocolatiers new era.

Rocky Road Marshmallow, Milk Chocolate by Koko Black -  Handcrafted marshmallow with nuts, coconut and cranberries enrobed in premium Belgian milk chocolate. (150g)

Yellow Box Honeycomb by Cacao - Milk chocolate coated chunks of honeycomb infused with natural nectar and pollen from Australian ‘Yellow Box' gum trees. In collaboration with the buzzing beekeepers at Backyard Honey in Surrey Hills Victoria. (100g)

5 Piece Gift Box by Cheeky Cacao - It’s chocolate, just a little bit cheeky. Small batch, handmade chocolates with gourmet fillings. Gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar free. No additives or preservatives. We use high quality, fair trade and mostly organic ingredients.

Fruit and Nut by Cheeky Cacao - The Cheeky Cacao range is naturally free from gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar and with zero additives or preservatives, and they just happen to taste unbelievable. (95g)

Milk Chocolate by Fremantle Chocolates – The smooth and very original Milk Chocolate Bar (80g)

Caramel and Sea Salt Popcorn by Two Little Tarts – Imagine lashing of a rich caramel, almost a butterscotch bubbling away, being poured over freshly popped Australian corn kernels. No preservatives or artificial flavourings are used. (90g)

Disclaimer: Products may contain traces of nuts, dairy and gluten. Flowers are not included.