Maintaining a healthy client relationship involves a consideration of many factors but giving gifts is a very vital aspect. Building steady clientele is the dream of every business, whether running a small scale or large scale.

Extending goodwill to the external stakeholders in a business maintains a healthy and positive business relationship with clients to secure customer retention. Some Corporates view gifting clients as expensive, but it can be constructive in ensuring your clients’ morale throughout the year. 

Smart businesses are fully aware of the cost involved in attracting a new customer as opposed to retaining an existing one. Client retention full realization if felt upon satisfying the current clients and ensuring that the business evolves as times keep on changing. However, when choosing a suitable gifting program, some rules should be considered. They revolve around sticking to the budget, sending in the right message by buying an appropriate gift for the specified target group, encrypting a personal note, and choosing the proper manner of delivery.

Why corporate gifting?

Whether you view it as an easy scoring way or refuse to acknowledge the authenticity behind issuing clients with gifts, any chance to maintain the client base is a good thing. It does not have to be much; the tokens range from calendars, pens, USB keys, drinking bottles to shirts with your company’s logo in them. The following are the top 4 reasons why Corporates give their clients gifts.

  1. Affirm your B2B relationships

Taking time to design corporate gifts for clients and delivering them in the best way possible helps improve the existing relationships since people love receiving gifts. If in an office environment, the offering may be used often to reinforce the company’s image through repetition on promotional products to continually motivate the client.

  1. Self-promotion

 The gifts issued, if promotional materials, will bear the business logo, business name, and contact information. The distribution will act as a campaign for your company’s services leading to a real boom in the business. With an enhanced relationship between your business and the client, the gifts’ repetitive use will ensure that a more significant group sees the brand.

  1. Upholding Consumer Loyalty

Clients though temporary physically in a business, are considered the most significant shareholders. Issuing them with gifts would ensure their retention. Issuing of corporate gifts pulls the customer back to the company creating repeat business. The attachment customers get from receiving gifts creates a positive feeling, which increases loyalty. The referrals brought in by satisfied clients should also be considered since people do business with whomever they like.

  1. Increase in Sales

People pay attention when receiving gifts. If the award matches their goals, they keep them in a strategic place. Corporate gifts attract other consumers and help grow the customer base. Corporate gifts are an excellent method that is very considered in advertising. The cost per impression by using corporate gifting is relatively low compared to other modes of advertising. The effect is significant if the corporate gift has repetitive usage. An award from your company will lure a customer towards the company’s products or services increasing sales. Providing corporate gifts make consumers feel there is value for their money, which in turn translates to them buying more from your company.